Civil Litigation

We hope you never become involved in litigation but in an ever increasingly complex world there is a reasonable chance at some stage you will at least require some legal advice.

Avoid going to Court at all costs if you can. This is the correct advice to give anyone who gets involved in a dispute. Unfortunately sometimes there is no option but to try and resolve a legal dispute through the Courts.

We are able to offer you advice and representation on a whole range of civil matters including:

  • Contractual disputes
    - Did you really get what you thought you had paid for?
  • Consumer disputes
    - Have you had a raw deal with a car purchase?
  • Neighbour disputes
    - Is all that noise from next door acceptable?
  • Boundary disputes
    - Whose fence is it, are your neighbours parking on your land, can you ask your neighbours to cut down those trees?
  • Inheritance claims
    - Did I really receive a fair share of the deceased's estate?
  • Business/Partnership disputes
    - If the partnership fails what are you entitled to receive?
  • Building disputes
    - Has your builder done a reasonable job?
  • Professional negligence
    - Everybody makes mistakes, but was that mistake negligent and have you suffered loss as a result?
  • Criminal Injury Compensation
    - have you received an injury as a result of someone's criminal act?

Disputes can arise for all manner of reasons and you need to get advice at an early stage to try and identify the key points and keep the costs to a minimum. We can advise you on costs and how the matters can be funded.

Please ring one of our Solicitors to obtain the right advice.

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