If you have a problem at work, there are different ways we could help you try to sort things out, both informal and formal.

Before taking action, we should try to work out what the problem is and make sure that there isn't a simple informal solution.

We spend most of our lives in the workplace, if we are lucky. Most people want to avoid any problems at work whether you are an employer or employee.

Employment law is one of the fastest changing areas of law and you need to be aware not only of your rights but also your responsibilities.

If you think you have been treated unfairly you need to obtain advice at the earliest opportunity. There are particular procedural steps that must be followed and time limits that must be adhered to.

Remember the longer you leave a problem, the harder it is to resolve.

We can help you choose the right course of action, advise you on the law and if necessary represent you at a Tribunal. We can help prepare your case and settle your dispute.

We will also discuss with you ways of funding your case.

Please contact one of our offices to be put in contact with a Solicitor who can advise you

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