Family Law

We have legal practitioners who are able to steer you through the pitfalls and offer you advice in a sympathetic and sensitive way.

This is probably the most distressing reason to see your solicitor especially if there are children involved. The prospect of going through divorce and financial matters or trying to resolve who sees the children and when and where the children live can be daunting but with the right professional advice and assistance it can be made a lot easier.

We can explain the divorce process to you and start the action off for you and keep you informed of developments as it progresses.

These can be difficult times and we are able to take the sting out of the process and particularly help you make decisions which are in the best interests of all (especially the children) concerned).

Remember you do not have to be married to become involved in a family dispute. The rights and liabilities of an unmarried partnership or indeed a same sex partnership in many areas are not the same as a married couple.

Please ring our office to speak to one of our Family Practitioners to obtain the correct legal advice.

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