Wills & Probate

When a loved one dies it is never easy to cope. Even though you may not feel up to dealing with their affairs, it is something which has to be done.

At Cyril Jones & Co., we have an experienced team to help lift that burden, providing you with support at a difficult time.

Probably the most important document (and one of the cheapest) you will sign in your lifetime is going to be your Will.

If you are concerned about what happens to your money and assets after you die then you must make a Will. If you do not, then the State will dictate who will inherit your wealth which may not be the people you want to get it and may even be the State itself.

In this modern world it is even more important to make a Will particularly if you are in a long term unmarried or same sex relationship.

A Will can stop people making a claim against your estate.

You may need to think about guardians to any children, and who you want to be your executors. If you do not make a Will you could even be cremated when you wanted to be buried alongside dearly loved deceased relatives.

It does not have to be complicated; you do not have to have much money.

Please ask us how much it will costs, we think you will be surprised just how little it is.

When you die someone has to deal with your affairs. It can be an upsetting time for your loved ones left behind. We can help them through that difficult time and makes sure the terms of your Will are fully complied with. You may have to pay inheritance tax. We can advise your executors how to keep that down to a minimum so that your beneficiaries receive more.

The legal responsibilities and duties of an executor or trustee can be wide ranging. We can make sure they are aware of and how to carry out those responsibilities.

You may need to consider making a Lasting Power of Attorney in case you are no longer able to make decisions about your finances or day to day care. You will want to make sure you choose the right person to make those decisions for you. This can be a very complex area and it is most important you receive the correct advice and guidance.

Please ring any of our offices so we can put you in touch with a solicitor to advise you.

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